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Located on the second floor of Bellevue Square. The space gives you a modern Thai style look and feel. Clean and sophisticated with vintage Thai accents. An elegant but cozy atmosphere and try their specialty cocktails pair with delicious authentic Thai food with family recipes.



Din Tai Fung was founded in Taipei, Taiwan in 1958 as a cooking oil retail shop. In 1972, it transitioned into a full fledged restaurant specializing in soup dumplings and noodles. The restaurant was soon winning rave reviews from all over the world. The tradition of Din Tai Fung continues today in its locations in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Thailand.



The first Jesters Pies store opened in Western Australia in 1997 with a commitment to quality, taste, health, and freshness. This commitment led to the development of a unique way of cooking pies. Jesters Pies are not your ordinary oven baked and reheated pies but cooked fresh in store using ultra thin puff pastry and the highest quality local ingredients. All natural ingredients are free from artificial flavoring, coloring, additives. Since 1997, Jesters has expanded in Australia, New Zealand, and now to the U.S., but the way they cook their pies fresh in store throughout the day hasn’t changed – it’s how they guarantee their customers supreme taste and freshness. It’s so tasty you won’t be able to resist another!


I began working in our family restaurants, grocery, retail (import/export), real estate investment and construction/remodeling operations at a very young age in The Hague, Holland (The Netherlands).

Then, when I turned 21, my father wanted to learn the differences and organizational methods of management between a American fast food restaurant, a 24-hour coffee shop and a family diner. So, he asked me to go through the different management training programs available at the time,,,,, and I did.


First, Lyon's Restaurants (Very similar to Denny's and Shari's). They had expanded and opened a brand new unit on Hwy 99 in Lynnwood across of the Aurora Mall. Then, Love's Wood Pit BBQ Family Restaurant, an IHOP Corporation brand, also in Lynnwood, off 44th, near the hotel and the on-ramp to I-5. And lastly, Taco Charlie's, a Mexican Chain in Foster City, California. I graduated from all three.

The lessons I learned from those three programs, I applied myself to different industries ever since as I entered the world of direct marketing, and also into a more organized, systematic and methodical approach to playing and coaching soccer, plus training and developing talent in a measurable way. For more information, click here.

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