HEAD SOCCER COACH (Regulation to Mod and Micro)


I began playing competitively as a teenager playing club ball in the SF Bay Area and working to make it a competitive sport at the high school level. It was made an official HS sport by 1976.



Youth Soccer, The Hague, The Netherlands


Youth Soccer, San Mateo, CA, SF Peninsula


Hillsdale High School, San Mateo, CA (Official School team finally formed in 1976)


College of San Mateo. Club Italia - SF Peninsula, Forward, Midfielder, Defender


Graduated 1/75 and then lived in The Hague, Netherlands doing club tryouts and training. The Dutch system used then was very smooth, transitional and referred to as Total Soccer, or "Clockwork Orange" It consisted of free-flowing moves transitioning between players / roles, seemingly positioning themselves at random. It was structure within what appeared as chaos. I continued coaching this a similar approach adjusted with what I learned from behavioral modification, training and development from inside-out.



By 1980, I focused on my career, but continued as a player / coach in 1983 for age 18 and up. However, soccer, player and team development, cross-training roles and the system itself led to an idea for applying the same to agency, business and corporate environments and their teams. This happened AFTER graduating from three different restaurant programs that had similarities, but modifications based on restaurants type. By 1984,

I had left McNeil Securities in San Mateo, California and headed north to join Manus Direct Response Marketing agency in Seattle, Washington.

Together, with the systems and processes acquired as part of management training programs in the hospitality industry and the fundamental principles of science/results oriented database marketing, I began to mix methodologies and experiment with building teams and programs for better measurable results. In sports this led to taking a team of players age 18-30 called Fluke {Fluke Manufacturing) from last to first place to in one season. Afterwards, we dominated indoors and outdoors from 1983 to 1990.


The attempt to replicate it at the youth level happened from 2006 to 2010 coaching Hispanic teams. Afterwards, it was tested and succeeded in transforming Recreational youth player Ages 9+ to competitive Select players. It proved successful with my young boys team, with Kees helping to apply the transformational process at the right age for soccer. The goal was to implement it across the entire club in 2012 beginning with Micro,


Fluke, Seattle Soccer League Outdoor/Indoor Led as Co-Captain to 7 Championship seasons.
Microsoft, Boeing, Intermec, Precor and others in the Tech League at 60 acres, Redmond, WA


South Kitsap Soccer Club, Port Orchard, Coaching WA BU16, BU17


Kitsap Peninsula Competitive Men's League, Player Open Division (Indoor & Outdoor)


South Kitsap Soccer Club, Coach for BU5, BU6, BU7, BU8 - Club VP of Admin. 


Kitsap Peninsula Competitive Men's League, Open Division Indoor & Outdoor) Stopped playing 12/2005.


Team / Player Management, Sereno Soccer Club, Phoenix, AZ (1st Division / Open Division)


Privately coached / trained players from Chivas, Santa Rita, Real Santa Rita, Italia and Gallos. As of 2008 my son Kees Metselaar began coaching with me and by 2013 became a Head Coach for youth soccer himself. He currently helps head football coaches and programs with students wanting to develop as punters and kickers.


South Kitsap Soccer Club Select BU10, BU11 and GU17. 10 players grew to 31 playersd (2 teams) after 1st Place season.

VP of Admin, then Club President and Director of Club Select - while coaching boys and girls.


By this time in my career the system of Total Player and Team development was perfected to a point that we had 10 players for the first season winning 1st place in the league. After that, we ended up with 32 Recreational players and trained them all UP within 120 days to randomly select a team to enter highly competitive SELECT tournaments and finished as Finalists in both tournaments. Kees went on to teach, coach and trains his own teams, resulting in even higher number of goals scored per game in his first season as head coach. But, he had already committed himself to focusing on American Football. Kees was offered a scholarship by Simon Fraser University in Canada, after 2 years on the Presidents List with a

4.0 GPA at Olympic College in Bremerton, Washington.

  • Crossfire Select Tournament - BU11, Finalist

  • North Mason Select Tournament - BU11, Finalist



Private Coaching and Player/Team Development​

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